What is Draconic Astrology?

Tropical astrology, mostly practice in the west, is a seasonal based system that focuses on the characteristics of one’s personality. Unlike its eastern counterpart that follows the constellations of the stars. Sidereal astrology, also known as eastern/ Vedic astrology, not only looks at the personality of the individual, but it can also predict sources for…

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See your name listed online with other poets on Poets & Writers and Winning Writers!

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:
Looking for ways to promote your writing and get your name out there? I recently was listed with two major writing resource sites: – My listing on Poets & Writers – My listings on Winning Writers:  Markets and Contests for Writers Recommended Authors (pg 2) If you are listed on…

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for raylynn gut wrenching gift in the pit of my stomach has never failed me before, why would it now? but tonight i hope it does. — day sibley, intuition 

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Queer and Slayin Prom

I recently featured a series of photos on Medium, and would love for you guys to check it out. So here’s to celebrating pride month 🙂 p.s. I do not own theses photos Check out my pitch for #pride month 🌈 Link in bio: https://medium.com/@DaySibley/queer-and-slayin-prom-deccb61dd1d3 #queersofinstagram #femme #writing #prom2k17 #lgbt #blogger #blackgirlswhoblog #blackgirlmagic A post…

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She Liked The Way They Died

She watches the sky a horrific shade of black air heavy with mortal screams. Her tail glitters ever shade of blue webbed claws sharp as razors emerged from the sea assembling herself onto an ice floe gazing at the dying subjects, sinking to the depths of the ocean. The mermaid snapped out of her trance,…

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