March Horoscopes 2016

Pisces, invite each of your flaws over for supper.
Aries, one day you will forget what this felt like.
Taurus, the compassion you have for this earth is obvious and beautiful and powerful.
Gemini, you are allowed to leave even if the only reason is because you want to.
Cancer, there is a close relationship between growth and trauma.
Leo, it is okay if you are not always the same person you are in your poetry.
Virgo, refuse to apologize for wearing your recovery publicly.
Libra, abandon your fear that love will inevitably leave.
Scorpio, your mother is living in the roof of your mouth.
Sagittarius, it still happened even if you didn’t write about it.
Capricorn, let go of the manicured and contoured version of yourself.
Aquarius, the poetry can carry you but it cannot protect you.

March Horoscopes 2016

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