Sometimes Writers Annoy Me!!

So in my latest post, I asked how do you deal with arrogant writers? As I was surfing the web I found other recounts on how people experience this, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon–obviously, but I don’t have time to put up with that bullshit as an editor, I tell it like it is. Here are some articles I found on them, I think they’re important to read to remind folks like this to stay in check, or they’ll lose themselves in their own ego. I always recommend having confidence in whatever content you’re creating, but it doesn’t warrant you being an a-hole. If so keep your thoughts to yourself if you can’t say thing respectfully.

1.) The Problem of Entitlement by Steve Almond
2.) The Arrogant Amateur Writer by Jeffery Williams

3.) The Difference Between Good Writers & Bad Writers by Jeff Goins
4.) The Top 4 Reasons Arrogant Freelance Writers Fail by Karen Marston

5.)  The Selectively Arrogant Writer by Jill Nagle
6.) Arrogance, hubris and writers behaving badly by Amanda Craig
7.) Confidence vs. Arrogance – The Writer’s Temperament by Natania Barron

Sometimes Writers Annoy Me!!

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