Straight Outta College: Being Black Without A Degree

I find myself wondering, Why am I not in school right now? I’m not in college because I can’t afford it. I haven’t been able to pay off what I owe to my first university, in addition to student loans that found me so quickly after they discovered I wasn’t enrolled.
— Kiki Nicole

Straight Outta College: Being Black Without A Degree

4 thoughts on “Straight Outta College: Being Black Without A Degree

  1. Everything that she said is right. The student loans do find you as soon as you’re not enrolled. The tuition for the school I went to had eight tuition hikes in five years. And now, there would be some pride in finishing, but as they years pass, that diminishes. I can’t afford it either and going back to obtain a degree that I don’t want anymore will not fulfill me.

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    1. Never set a “plan” for college, because life will always have a different course for you. You have to take your time and go at your own pace, not everyone is going to finish when expected—let alone graduate. I’ve been going for over four years and I can tell you right now, college doesn’t pay the bills. I know plenty successful people who went but didn’t finish and moved up in their careers w/o a degree.


  2. The best thing I ever did was suck up my pride and try community school for 2 years to finish my associates then enroll into my state institution! I know have a bachelors from Rutgers University, same as everyone else just got it for a lot cheaper 🙂


    1. I applaud you for your accomplishments, college is a pivotal moment where it’ll either make you or break you. In this text, the issue here lies with money. Even a 2-year program can be costly and not everyone can afford to get out of debt. I think what would help is have that face-to-face advice on do’s and don’t’s of college. Some people—such as myself, had to learn as they go and it’s been a small blessing with a lot of struggles. However, the knowledge I gained is something I will be forever grateful for.


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