Losing Faith

When I heard your
feet creak from below
I was hoping you’d
turn back around.
I whispered a prayer
beneath the sheets
I was covered in,
but even then
that wasn’t enough
to keep you from
coming in.

You cupped your hand
around my mouth pushed
up my nightgown,
and told me everything
was going to be alright.
I tried to push you off as you
hovered over me, but you
managed to keep me in
place and continued the

When you finished I
turned over as a tear
crept down my check.
While I was facing the
crucifix planted on the wall
with the feeling of  despair.

—  Day Sibley/ To’Wednesday 

This poem was originally published by the Quail Bell Magazine, and to be honest, I didn’t think it would ever get published due to its graphic context. Being that I struggled getting it into other literary magazines. This poem is for people who feel they can’t speak up about their pain, or feel ashamed to do so. This poem is for my sister, Felicia, I love you and wish you nothing but the best. You’re a fighter.

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