Discussing Bisexuality in Books AND IN LIFE

A Bookish Bi

Since it’s Bisexual Visibility Month and I’m annoyed with the world again for multiple reasons including the goddamn marriage equality postal vote in Australia, I present to you a post. It’s long. I’m sorry.

This is primarily aimed at discussing the content of books with bisexual protagonists, but some parts will apply to other marginalised groups, and to life in general because people are dicks everywhere.

Before we go further, a reminder: I use the term bimisia to talk about hostile attitudes towards bisexuality, because -misia = hatred or dislike. You can also use the suffix for other forms of aggression such as homomisia,amisia (anti-asexual) or aromisia (anti-aromantic). The -phobia suffix used to talk about bigotry can harm people with actual phobias, and also often obfuscates the reality of bigoted attitudes that are typically described using it anyway.

With the housekeeping out of the way, let’s get talking.

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Discussing Bisexuality in Books AND IN LIFE

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