Cardiac Arrest

June 7, 2017 vibrating body waves of light suspended air disorient sounds this is what it feels like to die. --- day sibley, cardiac arrest 


for raylynn gut wrenching gift in the pit of my stomach has never failed me before, why would it now? but tonight i hope it does. --- day sibley, intuition 

A Woman’s Mirror

A blessing it would be if women could love one another instead of competing against each other.   --- Day Sibley, A Woman's Mirror  Model: Cleo Wade| Photographer: Amber Mahone

A Woman’s Worth

The greatest sin the world forbids a woman to do, is love herself. See, she is the wife before she is an  individual. The mother  who cares for herself last. Someone’s sister or aunt. She never belongs to herself. God forbid she does. — Day Sibley, A Woman’s Worth