Self Portrait

She is the thunder without lighting loud but seemingly safe. Only dangerous when she opens her mouth and speaks the storms brewing inside her.

Human 🎵I am, I have I breathe in and out I own a heart An ear and an eye I've only been here one time It’s passing me by Been in and out And in front of my judgmental eyes My precious disguise Business so cold Can’t cope with my own How to not fail … Continue reading Human

Poet Profile: Petya Dubarova

Blazing Bulgaria

Petya Dubarova

Petya Dubarova was born on April 25, 1962. She studied in the English-language high school in the seaside city of Burgas. She committed suicide, not yet 17, on December 4, 1979. She wrote poetry from a very early age. Her first published works appeared in the periodicals “Септемврийче” (“Child of September”) and “Народна младеж” (“People’s Youth”), in the magazines “Родна реч” (“Native tongue”) and “Младеж” (“Youth”). Her moral and spiritual guide was the poet and translator Grigor Lenkov.

During her short life Petya Dubarova penned original poetical works, impressions, fables and short stories which stand out in the literary life of 70’s Bulgaria with their flowing, daring ease and freshness.

The poetess writes about intransient human values: sea, summer, rain, youth, love and poetry, returning them to their archetypal meanings and beauty. Her poetry bares the emotional face of a generation unwilling to accept conformism, hypocrisy and lies…

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