Untitled Ninety-three

Do you love me?

There was a plea in your eyes

a choking sob

you caught in your throat.

I always thought I would be the one

to ask you those frightening questions

of doubt


The plan was never for anyone to get hurt

I’m sorry

for the pain I will cause your heart.

How cruel of me

to ruin a beautiful day

under the sun.



Untitled Ninety-three

Untitled Ninety-two

Be the writer of your own story.
Treat yourself like you’re the main
character of your own adventure!

Untitled Ninety-two

What is Draconic Astrology?

Tropical astrology, mostly practice in the west, is a seasonal based system that focuses on the characteristics of one’s personality. Unlike its eastern counterpart that follows the constellations of the stars.

Sidereal astrology, also known as eastern/ Vedic astrology, not only looks at the personality of the individual, but it can also predict sources for your outcome. If you’re into that.

and draconic

What is Draconic Astrology?