Representation and Media

So I was recently reading this article “Unite and Celebrate: International Roma Day” by Jessica Reidy, on the importance of cultural/demographic representation. I’m pretty sure some of you know of the hit T.V. show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding based in the U.K. showcasing Irish Travellers, and the unity weddings bring to their people. Along with Gypsy Sisters which is the Americanized spin-off of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

Intriguing, yet comical most of the time, it is important to know that these shows don’t represent the people as a whole.

When an underrepresented marginalized group centers a part of their culture on the screen, it is no longer about the individual and their surroundings they become a representation of their people’s group! For instance, take someone from the American South and people who aren’t from there think you’re some hillbilly. Now this stereotype is bullshit, to say the least, but a lot of people think that. Many people take what they see and run with it, failing to do research.

These things matter because if not portrayed thoroughly (or accurately) you can become subject to stereotypes, and we all know those things are hard to fight off because they may pertain to some but definitely not all. So let’s be better human beings, along with being considerate and working hard to understand.

To’Wednesday Sibley

Representation and Media