When You Get the Rejection Letter

Rejections, after Lauren Elma Frament


In a year of taking a break from submitting, I almost forgot how tedious sending your work to publications can be. You put blood, sweat and tears in revising your work to death before sending it out, and boom! You get the big “no”.

Sending my pieces to lit. journals had come in small blessings, usually unexpected. There were times my pieces fitted the theme of the journal and I got the boot. There were times I would cry and question if I should write at all, some I didn’t care.

Which is to say, you shouldn’t question whether you’re a good writer or not, there’s plenty of journals worldwide. It’s one of the scenarios where you have to push yourself. It’s not going to be easy–it’s really frustrating to be honest, but it’s part of the journey being a writer.





When You Get the Rejection Letter

Go check out La Liga

La Liga is an online platform and print zine that showcases the many ways latinxs/chicanxs/latin americans are dissecting their cultural identities through different means of self expression. We aim to show their experiences and highlight the way they de-westernize different areas of life. Moreover, we acknowledge that latinidad is a social construct and that the latinx community is not a monolith and therefore hope to highlight this diversity.

— laligazine.com

We're selling zines at the vegan lesbian bar, come over for Festival de la Tierra!

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How I Got Played By a Poet And Her Local Business!

I’ve had my Twitter for about a year or two now and came across some amazing writers, artist, and small business owners. Recently, I stumbled on Poetry & Pins after someone retweeted #dateapoet showing Nisha P. product who is based in New Jersey.

I’ve been wanting to buy her product for a while now, and finally made that happen. On the 17th of April, I ordered the baseball cap, excited I was going to be sporting my new piece on my head.

Me make a Tami Roman face

The following week came and no hat in the mail! So, I emailed Nisha to see if she could give me the transaction number just in case it got lost. She finally emailed me back the next day (April 26th) and said that the payment on my end didn’t go through until the 19th—which I thought was weird, and that’s why she mailed it off late.


I have a my.usps.com account and it notifies each time ANY product is being delivered to my house. So, when I looked on there to see she mailed it off it was BLANK! BLANK, NADA!

Then two days later she emailed me back saying the package got resent back to her house, and the only way that could happen is if she got my address wrong. Then… she goes to say that maybe I wasn’t there at my house to sign for it, and that’s why they sent it back.

If you look at everything carefully something ain’t adding up here, why? Because she’s lying. She didn’t mail it off in time, so that’s why she couldn’t even give me the transaction number. If I wasn’t there to sign for a package the postal service would have left a note. Which they didn’t because she didn’t mail it off!

If there was going to be a delay in my product she could’ve just been honest instead of lying to save face, but rest for sure she lost a customer. Yes, my baseball cap came on the 4th of May but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. I work hard for my money and if I give it to you supporting your business don’t try to play me with b.s. that’s a quick way to for me to block you, which I did 😉

How I Got Played By a Poet And Her Local Business!

Oscar Wilde Quotes

Oscar Wilde Quotes

The Black Cat Blue Sea Awards


Finally, on my break after having a not-so-good-day at work, and as I’m checking my emails I see that my blog has been awarded. That totally made my day! I’ve been blogging for six years now, but you all on WordPress are truly amazing. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, I’ve discovered talented writers on here and you folks have been nothing but uplifting. Shout out to Sidra Owens, you have a beautiful soul. Again, I want to thank everyone who checks out my webpage y’all are really dope.

T.M. Sibley 

Three Questions for To’Wednesday S.

SO: How has blogging expanded your ability to express yourself?

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

TS: As a child, I was rambunctious and from my pre-teens and now I grew reclusive. This was largely impacted by my anxiety and depression. However, in my writing, I am loud! I want the readers to feel something, whether they agree or not, and blogging has allowed me to do so. Whatever you put online can never be erased, there’s always a way to retrieve it, and that taught me how to utilize getting my message across.

SO: Do you find that your online, social interactions with people are far different than those you experience on a day to day basis, face to face? If so, how are they different?

TS: Depending on the audience who’s reading, I can be perceived as an intellectual, humanitarian or a Kanye West [laughs]. I learned online you can’t go wrong with going into detail—at the same time leaving room for people to figure it out as well. Broad statements are left to open interpretation. In person, people tend to see that I mean well and I’m either speaking from experience or sharing knowledge. So, I’m trying to find the medium of people knowing my intent isn’t antagonistic at all—I just want people to know what’s going on in their surroundings outside their bubble, and mine too.

SO: Do you feel that the collective small positive actions of a large group of people can significantly affect or even counter a large negative act by one person?

TS: It depends how the interpretation of the message is getting across, sometimes you gotta find new ways to achieve that. Then there are other times when the other party just doesn’t want to listen. Simple as that, either by ignorance or a powerful presence of negativity. Where there is a positive there’ll be a negative too.

About T.B.C.B.S. Award

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award is given to those bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose to deserve it and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.

The Rules:

  1. Anybody nominated can nominate eight bloggers.
  2. The nominee has to answer three questions asked by the nominator.
  3. Questions should be inoffensive and you can ask any three questions to your nominations.

Three Questions for The Lucky Nominees

Marissa D. Price  •  Oriette D’Angelo   •  Madeline A. Windsor • Tre
Janna Michelle • Emoni • Nasrullah Kamaldeen   • Karlee Steffanni

1.  Some people don’t look at writing as being therapeutic, but for few it is. How did writing help you as a whole?

2. Why did you decide to take a brave act in sharing your creative work with the world? Some aren’t open to being vulnerable.

3. What impact do you want your writing to have on your audience?

The Black Cat Blue Sea Awards

Straight Outta College: Being Black Without A Degree

I find myself wondering, Why am I not in school right now? I’m not in college because I can’t afford it. I haven’t been able to pay off what I owe to my first university, in addition to student loans that found me so quickly after they discovered I wasn’t enrolled.
— Kiki Nicole

Straight Outta College: Being Black Without A Degree

What the Dead Know By Heart

lately, when asked how are you, i
respond with a name no longer living

Rekia, Jamar, Sandra

i am alive by luck at this point. i wonder
often: if the gun that will unmake me
is yet made, what white birth

will bury me, how many bullets, like a
flock of blue jays, will come carry my black
to its final bed, which photo will be used

to water down my blood. today i did
not die and there is no god or law to
thank. the bullet missed my head

and landed in another. today, i passed
a mirror and did not see a body, instead
a suggestion, a debate, a blank

post-it note there looking back. i
haven’t enough room to both rage and
weep. i go to cry and each tear turns

to steam. I say I matter and a ghost
white hand appears over my mouth.

— Dante Collins, What the Dead Know By Heart

What the Dead Know By Heart

Where Does Slam Go From Here?

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Poetry would improve if it was not an option to tour for a living, if poets didn’t consider “slam poet” as an encompassing identity, and if being part of a clique was considered less important than producing beautiful work. We need to worry less about feelings and more about craft. If only poets realized that slam is a tiny, tiny pond, that being a big fish in it is absolutely meaningless.
—Alvin Lau

Where Does Slam Go From Here?