How I Got Played By a Poet And Her Local Business!

I’ve had my Twitter for about a year or two now and came across some amazing writers, artist, and small business owners. Recently, I stumbled on Poetry & Pins after someone retweeted #dateapoet showing Nisha P. product who is based in New Jersey.

I’ve been wanting to buy her product for a while now, and finally made that happen. On the 17th of April, I ordered the baseball cap, excited I was going to be sporting my new piece on my head.

Me make a Tami Roman face

The following week came and no hat in the mail! So, I emailed Nisha to see if she could give me the transaction number just in case it got lost. She finally emailed me back the next day (April 26th) and said that the payment on my end didn’t go through until the 19th—which I thought was weird, and that’s why she mailed it off late.


I have a account and it notifies each time ANY product is being delivered to my house. So, when I looked on there to see she mailed it off it was BLANK! BLANK, NADA!

Then two days later she emailed me back saying the package got resent back to her house, and the only way that could happen is if she got my address wrong. Then… she goes to say that maybe I wasn’t there at my house to sign for it, and that’s why they sent it back.

If you look at everything carefully something ain’t adding up here, why? Because she’s lying. She didn’t mail it off in time, so that’s why she couldn’t even give me the transaction number. If I wasn’t there to sign for a package the postal service would have left a note. Which they didn’t because she didn’t mail it off!

If there was going to be a delay in my product she could’ve just been honest instead of lying to save face, but rest for sure she lost a customer. Yes, my baseball cap came on the 4th of May but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. I work hard for my money and if I give it to you supporting your business don’t try to play me with b.s. that’s a quick way to for me to block you, which I did 😉

How I Got Played By a Poet And Her Local Business!


I have come to the conclusion that the more you understand people the more you loathe them. For instance, nobody cares about problem until it becomes theirs, but why didn’t they care enough to prevent it from becoming their problem? Or why do people start caring as soon as you stop?